Hi! I'm Tyler.

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Hello! My name is Tyler.

From a young age I have always cared about people around me. They could be family, friends, neighbors, or someone I do not know at all. Learning, understanding, and strengthening my compassion and empathy has guided me throughout my life. It has pushed me to be a better person and to lend a helping hand whenever I can. I do my best to be a voice for those who are unheard.

I started my career as a software engineer working with a wide range of technologies some include Groovy, Grails, Angular, Node, Java, Spring Boot, and more. Through my career journey I always found myself coming back to wanting to help others achieve their tasks and unblock them whenever I could.

This led me to take a management track. My philosophy is that whomever is in a leadership position should play support for individual contributors and others at all times. Leaders should elevate their team members whenever they can. They should also employ compassion and empathy in all situations.

With that said, I am constantly striving to better myself by expanding my leadership, technical, and communication skills.


I currently have limited availablity but I am interested in working with not-for-profits and organizations that focus on social good initiatives.

Hours per week available: 8

Currently exploring

Elixir & Clojure


Technologies I am proficient in and have several years experience with.

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